Why People Come

Experiencing difficulties and distress


Often people come for therapy because they are experiencing difficulties and distress in their lives that they need help with.  This can be the result of issues and life events that they find hard to come to terms with. Sometimes people feel stuck, sometimes there are feelings getting in the way of day to day life. It might be that you don't feel right, you’re not sure why and you want to understand why you feel as you do. Maybe you feel dissatisfied with your life and want to make some changes, moving forward.  


I've listed here some reasons why people have come to see me below, to give you some idea on some of the types of areas I work with.



Some of the issues people seek help with


Bereavement and Loss

Couples Issues such as: affairs, betrayals, constant arguing, falling out of love
Divorce and Separation
Eating and Weight Issues such as: anorexia, binge eating, anorexia bulimia, obesity, female athlete triad
Recovering from Cancer
Postnatal Depression

Pregnancy and Birth

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Recovering from Illness
Relationship Issues
Terminal Illness
Emotional Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Low Self Confidence
Low Self Esteem

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour


Whatever the reason someone comes to see me, I see my role as that of a therapeutic partnership, working alongside you my client on your journey to recovery. 



Why Couples Come

Reasons for couples counselling

There are many reasons why couples come for couples counselling. Here are some examples.


  • Difficulty communicating with each other
  • Infidelity  such as betrayal or affairs
  • Arguing bickering and conflict
  • No longer having fun together
  • Family issues putting a strain on the relationship
  • Issues with money
  • Difficulty trusting each other
  • Issues regarding sex and intimacy

  • Wanting different things from your relationship