Eating, Shape and Weight

Eating and weight doesn’t discriminate

Eating and weight doesn’t discriminate, so food, eating, body and weight can affect anyone. Everyone has a relationship with food and eating, food being essential for survival and therefore eating, shape and weight concern us all.  


I have always had a special interest in working with eating and weight throughout my career as a psychotherapist.  I  continue to support people with distressed eating, eating disorders, eating, body and weight related conditions. 


Many eating issues can present in therapy

There are many different eating issues can present in therapy.  Eating behaviour can also be an indication of inner struggle and conflict. Sometimes an eating or weight condition might present at the beginning of therapy. However, often it occurs later in the therapy because the putting of words to the experience of eating, body or weight can be painful, and very difficult to talk about. 

Eating, Shape and Weight Support

Support for eating, shape and weight is provided in a number of different ways:

  • Specialist psychotherapy for distressed eating, weight, shape and body issues plus eating disorders such as binge eating, anorexia, bulimia and obesity. 
  • Expert supervision for therapists wanting to work with eating and weight.
  • Bespoke face-to-face events and online webinars  on eating, weight and shape for organisations.
  • Training  workshops for anyone with an interest in people learning more about eating, body and weight, either for themselves or for others they care about. 

Information on the current events, courses and webinars that are currently running for anyone with an interest in eating, shape and weight can be found on the events and courses page.