Couples Counselling

Why Couples Come

Reasons for couples counselling and different relationship stages

Heterosexual and same sex couples come for counselling.  Couples come to see me for various different reasons and at different stages in the relationships. Sometimes couples come because they have fallen out of love with each other.  Some couples come because they disagree constantly and experience pain and hurt in their relationship. Couples also come when they are happy in their relationship but want to improve how they communicate with each other. 

Learning to relate differently

It is easy to fall into unhelpful patterns of behaviour together which can leave you both feeling angry, or hurt. You can learn how to relate to each other differently.  Whatever the reason you come to couples counselling, ultimately you will be learning to communicate more openly and honestly with your partner is likely to be an important aspect of your therapy .  Learning to listen, understand your partner's perspective as well as your own and showing your partner empathy is another important aspect of couples work. 

Choosing to talk about your relationship together

So whatever the reason you want to come for couples counselling, whatever the issues, choosing to talk about your relationship in therapy is the next step.  Together we can talk through your expectations of coming and then I will work with you both as your therapist, supporting you whilst you work through those issues on your journey together.