Loss and Grieving

Grieving for a loss you have experienced in your life is both a unique and important process.  Whatever you are grieving for, how you personally grieve is something you will discover, so that you can learn to process your feelings in the way you need to.


Signs and symptoms of grief may include:
Sadness, loneliness, helplessness and fear

Anger and guilt

Lack of sleep or waking at odd hours

Feeling restless and having nightmares

Difficulty concentrating







You deserve to grieve.  You are grieving because of the relationship between you and the loved one, or what you have lost in your life. Working though your grief is important for you so that you can fulfil your own life for the better.


Tears and anger are an important part of the grieving process.  Strong emotions can come to you as you grieve, This is OK. In time, there will be a growing acceptance of what has happened for you.  Gradually, energy will begin to return and there will be a period of gradual reawakening and renewed life.


It is likely that you will be changed by your grieving experience and will have grown as a result. The length of the grieving process varies from person to person and the process will take as long as it needs to for you. By allowing yourself to go through your grieving you’ll be on the right path towards recovery and healing as part of that process.


Therapy can help you grieve. Therapy can offer a space for you to be listened to, and really heard, and to be supported whilst you go through the grieving process you face.