Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

As an experienced therapist, I offer counselling and psychotherapy to people of all ages. I work both face-to-face and online.  

Its all about you

Individual counselling offers the opportunity for you to come and sit with me and share the difficulties you are facing. This provides the experience of a therapeutic space where you can  talk, be heard and understood.  In order for you to share in this way, you need to feel comfort, respect and safety.


Coming for the first time will always be daunting for some, especially if you haven't experienced therapy before.  Remember that you have taken the most challenging step, recognising what you need for yourself and making those first steps and getting in touch.

Talking is healing



I believe that talking is healing.  Learning to share your thoughts and feelings in a professional, calm and supportive setting allows the right setting for you to talk freely and for your healing to take place, at your own pace.



Working together, openly

My approach to offering counselling and psychotherapy is to work openly with you, and agree together the focus of our work throughout your journey with me.  The more you are able to engage in working together, the more you will get from your therapy. This isn't to say you must know what you're looking to achieve immediately, often this will come with time.

A place you can be yourself

Don’t underestimate the importance of feeling comfortable with your choice of therapist.

As a relational therapist I believe that the professional relationship between us provides a extremely special and important therapeutic space where you can be your true self.   

It is important that you feel comfortable working with me so that you can be open,  share more of yourself and heal.

Your journey with me




























I find it useful to think of therapy as a journey you have decided to make with me, together. Once you’ve decided that there are issues and difficulties that you would like to address, your journey can begin.  It may be that there are hills or mountains for us to climb together and make sense of. At intervals on the journey together we can take a step off the path on a ledge and review the work that you’ve done so far, exploring together where you want to go next.  We might not know from the beginning how long your journey will take – this may depend on the route we need to take or the steepness of the ground that we need to cover on the way. We can take our time, taking each step of the journey slowly and carefully. In this way we can work together developing your awareness and working towards making the changes that will give you what you want from your life.  Everyone’s journey is different. Individuals are unique and what they bring to their journey with me will be unique too. It is also your choice as to how much of a journey you have with me. The choice is yours.  Why not get in touch and take the first steps on your journey.


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