A sense of me beyond my eating disorder

“Christmas is a difficult time of year for me and I always dread it.  Always feeling the pressure to eat food in front of friends and family who won’t take “no” for an answer just makes me feel like I’m under a spotlight. My eating behaviour is the focus of everyone’s attention! I yearn to eat more normally, to fit in, just like everyone else. I want so much to be able live in the moment and to enjoy company of other people, a little of what I fancy to eat at this time of year, and yet I just can’t do it!  I struggle continuously with my eating.  Eating is a part of everything I do and my struggle never leaves me.  I feel exhausted; so anxious, overwhelmed and alone. They don’t understand me or know what its really like to struggle in the way that I do”.


The passage above is purely fiction. However, the message it carries is not. This is the typical kind of thoughts and feelings expressed by someone suffering with eating issues; an experience where eating gets in the way of day to day living.  Whether there is a struggle with restricting eating (eating too little), over eating (eating too much) or bingeing, the festive season can be an extremely tough, lonely and emotionally challenging time of year. 


Counselling and psychotherapy can help work through some of the thoughts and feelings associated with eating and offer the opportunity to learn more about you, and your relationship with food.   In this way, you can learn to talk about your own issues with eating and learn to make sense of them, with a warm and gentle therapist, who is experienced in working with eating issues in a safe and confidential setting.  Talking in this way can be healing and help you see the real you – the you that is present beyond your issues with eating.   Find your true sense of self.