Workshop Content

We will consider:

  • An introduction to how to approach marketing your private practice and what this involves.
  • Key concepts of marketing that are essential in various aspects of such as generating enquiries, what works best tactically, identifying your niche, researching and planning, costs.
  • The opportunity to share current marketing issues in the group and share knowledge, expertise and ideas.
  • How to put together a practical plan and develop tools to successfully grow your own business, in a cost effective way. 
  • Introduce and consider a range of tools and techniques to consider when marketing.
  • How to put together and implement your marketing plan and evaluate its success. 

Learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes will include being able to:

  • Understand what is involved in marketing and developing your own private practice successfully.
  • Develop your confidence in marketing and developing your business.
  • Become more familiar with a range of tools to enhance the development of your business. 
  • Appreciate how to evaluate the marketing you do and consider in its cost effectiveness.